"Where there is great love, there are always miracles" - Willa Cather

Our Home

We live in a townhome in a building of 4 units.  It has two bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths.  Downstairs we have a comfortable living room with our tv and piano.  I'm very blessed to be able to teach piano out of my own home.  Also downstairs we have a nice kitchen with enough room for a small family.  The bedrooms are upstairs and are both great sizes!  Our 2nd bedroom is mostly empty waiting for a little boy or girl to move into it.  Overall we have tried to make our home cozy and inviting.  Around the complex there is lots of grass, trees, and play areas.

Here are a few pictures of our home:

Our neighborhood has a lot of young children!  Our townhome complex is rather large and many young families with children occupy them.  There is a great play area outside of our clubhouse with swings/jungle gyms.  I believe there is even a neighborhood play group that meets every week.  Just next to our complex is a great subdivision with a lot of young children.  We live just down the road from an elementary school and high school.  And we are about 5 minutes away from the nearest park.  The park has a splash water park for young children, carousel, swings, etc.  A little farther away there is a nature park with a pond and ducks.